The delivery terms

HSL Verpackungen GmbH ships "Free House" to any destination in Europe, due to this condition the minimum quantity for shipment is 10 pieces of Europallets (Size 800x1200mm, Height can be negotiable)

If you likes us to send goods direct to your customer, please contact your local HSL Sales Staff. We can ship without HSL transport labels and with your own documents, as a special customer service.

If you wish to receive less than 10 Europallets, please contact your local HSL Sales Staff for an appropriate logistics proposal.
HSL Verpackungen GmbH does cooperate with local carriers, all over Europe. These carriers are certified for distribution and warehousing according to common known Food Savety regulations.

As a production company, HSL Verpackungen GmbH operates under registered General Terms and Conditions of Business. If you send us an inquiry, or you order directly goods from us, you automaticly accept our registered Terms and Conditions. Any disagreement needs to be brought to justice in Germany (Aachen), and will be reviewed according to German law.

Please, download GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS of BUSINESS ⇒ here